Discretion is advised

Discretion: We want to remind our readers that this project is about individual stories and that these stories alone do not encapsulates the entirety of the Native American population. We also understand that not everyone will agree with each other, as our own personal stories are different. We ask everyone to be respectful of people’s submissions and be open minded to the different opinions and views out there. Real Life Indian does not permit disrespectful language, offensive topics and demeaning anyone’s rights to be a human being.

Short description

This is a media outlet portraying the existence of Native Americans in the 21st Century. What U.S. History fails to teach is our perseverance and the sacrifices of our ancestors. What society and media forget is our undeniable existence and instead emphasizes false realities. What people forget entirely……..is that we are human beings. This project encapsulates the fears, issues, aspirations, emotions and dreams of what it means to be a human being but in particular a “Real Life”………Indian……..
Headquarters- In the (303)-(Denver)
Viki Eagle-CEO
Amanda Williams-COO


About us Extended Addition

            Real Life Indian started out as a photography project led by Viki Eagle in 2011. With the visionary and push from Amanda Williams the movement to spread our message ignited.  The project’s original intent was to document Native American students and display the modern Indigenous person”. It was to showcase the identities and complexities of living ; where our inherited culture meets the mainstream society. The goal is to continue to show the conflicts and harmonies of being a human being but in particular the meaning of a “Real Life Indian.”

Our photography is intentionally simple.  We do not want distractions  to over romanticized the Native Americans spirit and people. We do not take pictures of ceremonies which everyone should refuse to do. We want you to focus on looking at the human being.  In addition, we hope to showcase the tangibility that anyone anywhere who is Native American can be a part of the #reallifeindian movement.

        If you want to write for us or take for us we want those to. Please email reallifeindian@gmail.com . We will respond to you. Looking forward to seeing your submissions.


The Real Life Indian- Viki Eagle


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Fr. Victor Quauhtitlatoatzin says:

    Oh, you KNOW I am going to jump all over this. Blessings and gratitude to you all for doing this. I will do my best to contribute. Let us keep in touch. Fr. Victor, Crane Clan, Runaway Band Potawatomi

  2. Joseph Barela says:

    Great job !! This is exactly what we need. As the people,for our youth as well as young or elderly.we never stop learning.Also with the youth being our future I am here for you all..thank you keya for sending this out 🙂 Joseph

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