Viki Eagle identifies as Sicangu Lakota and half Japanese. She is currently a first year PhD Student on Tongva land in the Department of Anthropology at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Her sub-fields are in Sociocultural Anthropology and American Indian Studies department. She earned her BA in International Studies with minor in Art Studio Photography and Japanese and holds a MA in Higher Education from the University of Denver.

She has spent a decade photographing her life as a contemporary Native American photographer from her own passion projects on mixed race Native identities, Indigenous political movements, healing runs, various event photography, Native American fashion, and using photo-voice as activism. In addition she has taught Native students Photography and multi-Media at Red Cloud Indian School and in the summer at  CU Upward Bound. She hopes to use Photo-ethnography in the fieldwork of her dissertation as well as mixed media with exploring sounds/tones and film making.

Currently her work is interested in Heavy Metal in particular “Rez Metal” in the southwest of Millennial and Gen Z Native youth and their passion for music and the arts. In addition her other interests is second language Lakota speakers within Urban communities learning Lakota language.

About us Extended Addition

            Real Life Indian started out as a photography project led by Viki Eagle in 2011. With the visionary and push from Amanda Williams the movement to spread our message ignited.  The project’s original intent was to document Native American students and display the modern Indigenous person”. It was to showcase the identities and complexities of living ; where our inherited culture meets the mainstream society. The goal is to continue to show the conflicts and harmonies of being a human being but in particular the meaning of a “Real Life Indian.”

Our photography is intentionally simple.  We do not want distractions  to over romanticized the Native Americans spirit and people. We do not take pictures of ceremonies which everyone should refuse to do. We want you to focus on looking at the human being.  In addition, we hope to showcase the tangibility that anyone anywhere who is Native American can be a part of the #reallifeindian movement.

     Please email reallifeindian@gmail.com for photography and veagle@g.ucla.edu for academic inquires and outreach.


The Real Life Indian- Viki Eagle

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Fr. Victor Quauhtitlatoatzin says:

    Oh, you KNOW I am going to jump all over this. Blessings and gratitude to you all for doing this. I will do my best to contribute. Let us keep in touch. Fr. Victor, Crane Clan, Runaway Band Potawatomi

  2. Joseph Barela says:

    Great job !! This is exactly what we need. As the people,for our youth as well as young or elderly.we never stop learning.Also with the youth being our future I am here for you all..thank you keya for sending this out 🙂 Joseph

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