College Admissions Decisions. Accepted and Rejected? Me too… Part of the Spiritual Journey of Life


We have all been there……Through rejection I have become the person who I am today . Remember the path in life is guided through rejection. Through rejection I knew that opportunity was not my calling or the way my dreams could become a reality.  But it doesn’t mean I enjoyed the process of rejection or thought it was the greatest experience. Never! It was hard! I know!

Through Acceptance I learned where my life was being spiritually guided.

It is the unfortunately apart of my job and literally the worst aspect to my job as Admissions Recruiter  at UCLA. Especially to work in an institution that cannot accept everyone. I loved every Native Application I read; many of them were incredible. After spending months reading 1000 essays for the UCLA Admissions cycle Freshman Application Admissions. The bitter sweet reality is that both Acceptances and Denied letters will soon roll in this Spring or for some already have. We can only hold so many spots.

To all High School Seniors and anyone who applied to graduate programs or phDs.  I just want to say know whatever your story maybe; the college acceptance or Gates Millennium scholarship acceptance (or any other scholarship) does not define your value or prove your worth.

I believe in the bigger picture and greater purpose to our lives and that we are guided spiritually. As long as you try your best the Universe has listened to your dream and has asked you to give back to others. Know college acceptance is only an opportunity that is calling for you saying “I heard your dream and this is where you can accomplish it.” The Denial Letters are only the way the greater universe is saying “this is not where I need you or where I think your dreams can thrive.” Trust that no matter what happens you will be guided to your greater calling in life even if it doesn’t look like everyone else.

The Universe does not forget you! Or your Dreams!!

Do not follow the norm if your heart says “No”. Do not chase big names because of the name but choose “fit” and if you will be happy. You know your own happiness more than anyone else does. I say this especially when Gates Millennium Scholars news is coming. I have seen the devastation and hurt from my former students. I have experienced the rejection, confusion and anxiety of not knowing what is going to happen. I know I have been there but I promise we make it with “Rejection” and “Acceptance”

I have both a Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree in Education and I was not awarded the Gates and or Daniels Fund. I can even find those students for you who made it through college without Gates and the Daniels Fund without Debt or with little to no debt. Some of us have had to take out Debt in College loans to go through college and have had to pay loans back while serving our Native communities. Many students I knew had to put their college dreams on hold because of finances or life circumstances. Yet, that never meant they gave up on their dream. I saw many students come back from the dark ready and determined as ever before.

I have even seen students who never dreamed of college later in life went back for their degrees and slayed. Our paths look different and it is meant to be like that for whatever reason we are asked to experience our lives differently from each other.

Everything comes in full circle.  I have spiritually experienced that everything will all work out exactly how it needs too. It is apart of our spiritual journey and growth. We become who we are through our experiences.

Again I need to emphasize the universe does not forget you.

Truth is in High School UCLA was my #1 choice until I saw the price and thought I could never afford it! So instead of trying, I never applied. Now I work here in the Admissions office as the Native American Recruiter. The Universe does not forget you I promise everything will be Ok!

Be proud you applied and looked for opportunities. If you didn’t apply then you would never know where the universe is asking you to go to especially if you do nothing. It is ok to be emotional, disappointed, and feel you could have done more but know that dream you had will still be there to guide you on to your next decisions. It is ok to change paths if it will make you happy. Be gentle on yourself and to others. Please support each other during these next months.

Take a Deep Breath in and Breath out and say “Thank you”. 3 times again. Life is precious and worth living for there is hope, there is light and there is life.

Let us celebrate our opportunities and be grateful we have been asked to be apart of the journey to who we are meant to become. Whatever your education journey maybe; I celebrate your life, your journey and the connections we make to our communities.

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