Tule River Reservation

The original inhabitants of the San Joaquin Valley were the Yokut-speaking tribes- about 50 dialect groups occupying the territory along the rivers and creeks flowing from the Sierras and around the Tulare Lake.  Their descendants today on the Tule River Indian Reservation continue to have the goal of self-government and self-sufficiency on the land. (Tule Rive Tribe 2016) (link http://www.tulerivertribe-nsn.gov/index.php/history/)


You always know when you make it to the reservation when you are greeted by furry friends.


Though my car window I wonder what the land looked like before.



For those that do not know my profession I work for UCLA as a Native American Recruiter for Undergraduate Admissions. I attend College Fair, Conferences, I visit high schools, students in their classroom or at their youth center, participate in all Native College Motivation Day workshops. So in general I travel a lot for UCLA. Here is to share my experiences on the road. Remember Indian Country is everywhere.





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