Real Life Indian Relocated…….to Los Angeles

I never imagined in my life I would move to Los Angeles. For those of you who don’t know me I am from Denver, Colorado and definitely a die hard for my home town. I was given a new opportunity to start my new position as the official UCLA Native American Recruiter for Undergraduate Admissions. Higher Education has been my passion and access for Native students has always been the focus of my work. It has been busy in which case, I know I have been neglecting my website and delaying my project. Not to worry folks this Fall I am hoping to bring it back to speed with the new people I meet, the community here and telling the stories I encounter…….Here is to new beginnings!!!!! We will be up and running before Heritage month! And who knows maybe I will have a new sub team out here soon! 1172534_10151781375195865_958959209_o