Riding into the Rez Sunset

photo 4

I figured I needed my own “Real Life Indian” photo, so to speak. This was taken by me sometime over the Summer. My cousin, Cord (on the bike), wanted to ride my mom’s Harley but, after being left in the open all Winter and Spring, the battery was dead and it wouldn’t start. Jumping the battery didn’t work so we thought we would try push-starting it. The other two in the photo are my other cousins, Pressler and Skyler. We started laughing after a while because we said that it looked like to any people passing by this was how we ride the motorcycle. Taking turns pushing each other and that this was “how a real native drove a Harley-Davidson”. The real significance in this picture, however, comes from the guys in it. I’m an ex-military brat so I’ve moved around a lot and lost a lot of friends because of it. The friends I’ve kept the longest have been these cousins that I grew up with.

-Christian “WarHorse” Phelps

IMG_0091 copy

(This came from an assignment I gave to have student to pick 3 favorite photos and write about it.-Viki)