Emily Jean Francis Wayka



Meet Emily Jean Francis Wayka and her photo bomber . A local vendor at many Colorado Pow Wow’s. Growing up she learned how to beadwork¬†from her Southern Cheyenne mother and learned silversmith skills from her Navajo father “It’s a hobby for me, I spend mainly nights work on things and it helped me get pocket money when I attended the Institute of Art Institute of American Indian Arts.” She received an associate in 2D And. 3D arts while she was there.

Currently, she works as a Medical Procedural Coder. Her passions are to be creative and be able to create. But, she also loves music, singings and playing her guitar.

The growing trends of authentic Native American art and the many controversies of “fake” Indian art. Real Life Indian encourages you all to purchase from your local Native American vendor and businesses. Talk to them, shake their hands, and thank them for the work they do.